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Now that we have lived in what is known as a common interest development (HOA or “altacity”) for nearly a decade, we have learned that HOAs are not only the most common type of development in the USA today, but they are truly “alternative” cities in form and function.  For your questions and musings about the topic, type a location, term, subject, or phrase in the SEARCH box below to learn more.

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In fact, for most of our retirement years (since 2011), we have lived in one of the largest homeowner associations in Southern California, the TRILOGY Glen Ivy community in the Inland Empire, south of Corona, Riverside County, CA.

When you change the way you find things, the things you find change

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Mike & Dee Dee were married July 4, 1971 in Portland, Oregon. Due to Mike's work in hospital fund development, from Oregon they relocated to Denver, followed by positions in Missouri, Northern California's Napa Valley, and then Southern California (Anaheim), various Riverside County Inland Empire locations, San Gabriel Valley (Arcadia), and finally Glendora before retirement in 2010. In 2011, after remission from MCL was obtained a second time, the couple settled into retirement living by moving to Trilogy Glen Ivy, a 55+ community in the Temescal Valley.


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