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CANSWERS® for immunodeficiency


Mike & Dee Dee Foxworth aka @ALTALOMAN
JUST ARCHIVED (something of interest to CANSWERISTS like me)What follows is the embedded PDF of a medical journal that details research on lymphoma patients like me who were given a continuous and prolonged dosage of the drug Rituxan during chemotherapy, again like me.  To summarize, the article explains how these patients have experienced routine and steady drops in the immunoglobulin levels as a result of the Rituxan.  Yes, that describes me.

But all things considered, I am most grateful for the prolong remission from cancer (since 2010), even with the resulting immunodeficiency that the cancer treatment caused.  Others, like me, I am sure also remain grateful. width="400" height="980"> Our August 2007 allogeneic stem cell transplant for mantle cell lymphoma has a postscript of more than 8 years of continuous remission.

Happy to count myself among those here who can express appreciation for the great, lif…