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Canswers about IVIGs


Got home Tuesday evening about 7 pm from our trip to City of Hope for the routine oncology visit and the 5-hr periodic immunoglobulin infusion (IviG) that soon should help end the current 5-week siege with bronchitis. One key accomplishment yesterday is that my oncologist has allowed a slight break from normal protocol with routine appointments for the IviGs, now scheduled every two months, not just when the sub-400 maker is reached. See this video for more info * ▶
We are most grateful for this development because of the experience with constant upper respiratory infections post-transplant (2007) and post-chemo (2006-2007).  Happy that my oncologist is willing now to go a bit outside of normal protocol to help me manage this condition.  For those not in the know about this, my IviGs are the only known remedy for my Primary immunodeficiency Disease (PID) caused by long-term therapy with Rituximab, given the brand name Rituxan. There is no know…