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Learning more about cancer

MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA (MCL) is an “equal opportunity disease” for about 5,000 in the U.S.  Actually, this Leukemia and Lymphoma Society article says 4,200 in 2014 ▶

Learning more about cancer
Via an email from a trusted source on this topic, this CANSWERIST* now archives a personal story of a CAR-T patient who was the third person in the world to be treated for NHL with CAR-T (1).  The treatment was in July of 2015.  That was almost three years ago and there has been much work (and progress) to improve the AE's associated with this miracle treatment.  The story provides a detailed overview as told by the patient. ▶
* CANSWERIST = a cancer survivor or caregiver for same
Also this:
▶ Personalized Cancer Treatment -- This is a very broad and non-technical discussion of how personalized cancer treatment began and how it works for those interested in the topic.  The interview is with one of the developers of the treatment plan at MDAnderson Can…