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Saturday, January 6, 2018

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As we round into 2018 and approach, for me, the start of a 7th decade of life (June 7), I am reminded of recent prior predictions in my personal #CANSWERIST experience that did not come to fruition. 

First, let’s consider, prognosticators and futurists have not always been right with their predictions.  Some have even been dreadfully wrong.  One source has never been wrong.

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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

Just over 10 years ago (August 2007), I was given a 10% chance of survival with the pending allogeneic stem cell transplant (SCT) from an unrelated German donor.

We were fighting to survive from the constant recurrence of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL).  A majority of the physician members on my care team at the City of Hope had advised my lead oncologist, Dr. R. Nakamura, that the SCT should not be done.

When Dr. N. shared that news, I asked:  “If you personally had my diagnosis (DX), would you proceed with the transplant?  His answer: No!

Then I asked if you had a spouse or child with my DX, would you proceed?  His answer: Yes!

Well, then, “let’s proceed” was my answer.

Here we are more than 10 years post transplant and we remain in full remission with our only maintenance therapy consisting of periodic immunoglobulin (IVIG) infusions. 

Of course, it is not so much that this 2007 discussion was about predictions as it was about measuring current reality, but I am glad that the prognosis of the critical care team doctors did not win the day in this case.

Of course, we have lost track of the total number of hospital, medical center, and physician appointments that have ensued since our DX. What matters now is not the time, but the life of survival as a #CANSWERIST, one who has fought cancer or is a caregiver for a cancer survivor, the terminology that I apply in today’s #SocialCurrentSee

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