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Saturday, January 20, 2018

ARCHIVE ▶ Talk about your death while you're still healthy

ARCHIVE ▶ Talk about your death while you're still healthy ▶ SLIDESHOW    PDF WEEKENDER POST

When this video clip landed in my inbox today, I was immediately prompted to view and archive.  Perhaps that action was partly due to my status as a #CANSWERIST
13:45 minutes · TED@Westpac (VIDEO SOURCE)

#CANSWERIST* = cancer survivor or caregiver for same
Also detailed in

Do you know what you want when you die? Do you know how you want to be remembered? In a candid, heartfelt talk about a subject most of us would rather not discuss, Michelle Knox asks each of us to reflect on our core values around death and share them with our loved ones, so they can make informed decisions without fear of having failed to honor our legacies. "Life would be a lot easier to live if we talked about death now," Knox says. "We need to discuss these issues when we are fit and healthy so we can take the emotion out of it -- and then we can learn not just what is important, but why it's important."

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