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WHO▶ Do you know (besides this blogger) who is a cancer survivor (aka "canswerist"), a term coined to describe not just cancer survivors, but also all caregivers for cancer survivors?

WHAT▶ The typical canswerist faces daily in that journey depends upon many variable factors.  That reality is expressed in the archived VIDEO for this post and in the additional posts in our CANSWERIST journals, or blogs and sites that include random and specific socialcurrentsee.

WHEN▶ I was first diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma in April 2006, the need to communicate my treatment progress to a far-flung audience became obvious.  These blogs and sites have helped make that task easier.

WHERE▶ One chooses to find CANSWERIST information, research, and news is largely facilitated today by web search engines and (as I found) there are numerous blogs and sites like mine where CANSWERISTS share their personal story.
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WHY▶ I have remained diligent and devoted to writing and archiving this topic (and some other subjects) is a question answered by the fact that there is so much to share in a story that constantly adds new entries and chapters. CANSWERIST stories are as dynamic as life itself.
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HOW▶ The typical reader interacts with this content is by their own volition.  I hope you will share when prompted.  If you have any other questions about your own or the needs of other CANSWERISTS, please feel free to reach out to us at ...
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Secondary Immunodeficiency Disease (post allogeneic SCT for MCL)   They say that necessity is the mother of invention, archaic, yes, but applied often to the human experience.

Thus, it is my pleasure to admit that my recent introduction and use of ESSENTIAL OILs comes as a result of and in relief of my chronic bouts of bronchitis…

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