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▶The top-of-the lineup story in this TRILOGY prompts my

memory about the numerous times in which I arrived at City of Hope and other medical facilities for chemo sessions or other reasons.  The most astounding visual that prompted concern was the sight of many children wearing head covers or facial masks. Like me, these kids were there to get "canswers" for cancer.

How cancer in the family reverberates through the workplace

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Some days, the thought will run through J.D. Derderian’s mind while at his office: “What am I doing here? I should be on a dock with my son…

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 The medical community has long reported that brain cancer has
always been the most elusive malady in search of a cure.  At last, is that reality changing?

Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment Is a Success

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Using the immune system to beat cancer is quickly becoming a promising new strategy for battling tumors. But most of the success so far has been with…

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 My current treatment scorecard counts three times in three months for IVIGs and while I have generally had these
therapies on a semi-annual basis for more than 9 years since my 2007 allogeneic stem cell transplant, I now know that this vital therapy may well continue for as long as I live.

Immunoglobulin replacement therapy | Lymphoma Association

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In this information we answer the questions that people ask about immunoglobulin replacement therapy: What is immunoglobulin replacement…

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ALTACITIES®, an acronym for "ALTERNATE CITIES", is the web moniker for the neighborhood of sites, blogs and locations created and managed by ALTALOMAN, in reference to our journals and blogging activity when Dee Dee and I were residents of Alta Loma, part of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. Of course, we have moved on but these ALTACITIES® remain.

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Our most popular hardcover book just got better. Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is amazingly practical for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the ultimate guide, whether you are a new or experienced essential oils user. The simple, easy-to-use format has been improved to help you quickly find important information: which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions, how to safely and effectively apply them, and ways to incorporate oils into daily living. This book is an indispensable reference for any aromatherapy library. Order from ▶
Secondary Immunodeficiency Disease (post allogeneic SCT for MCL)   They say that necessity is the mother of invention, archaic, yes, but applied often to the human experience.

Thus, it is my pleasure to admit that my recent introduction and use of ESSENTIAL OILs comes as a result of and in relief of my chronic bouts of bronchitis…

In good company

Although I am more than 12 years into the post-cancer (mantle cell lymphoma) diagnosis (DX) and confirmed, sustained remission (since 2010), I have not always been faithful about periodic and routine updates at this site (Blog For A Cure), but making an archive link of the above story prompts this update.