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ACOR® ♥ MB* ▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

▶ Gradually, but surely, we are now archiving MyJournal posts in our G+ collection. Follow us there.

▶ I appreciate the comment stream that appears in my email inbox daily from the source, *ACOR, the "listserv" location for a large forum of MCL survivors▶  One of the most prolific contributors here is a survivor named Max Wood.  He received the following appreciation message/reply from me today: "You have provided about the IVIG and IgG topic since this has been a recurring issue for me post the 2006 DX for MCL and the 2007 aSCT.  

▶ "Generally, I have needed to have IVIGs at 6-month intervals post transplant, but have actually needed the infusions three times in the last three months while dealing with a prolonged bout of acute bronchitis, the longest, continuous siege of this condition of my entire life (now 68)▶ After three trips to the City of Hope Medical Center ETC and my primary oncologist, the last trip finally provided a cocktail of RX that has done the tric…

Canswer♥Worth®▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

▶ Gradually, but surely, we are now archiving MyJournal posts in our G+ collection. Follow us there.

▶ First day of the winter solstice arrived yesterday and that generally means no real change in the weather conditions for Southern California, but we have finally had a few days of partly-cloudy rain to initiate the official changing of the seasons▶ Unfortunately and personally, the last few months have been mostly marked with prolonged and unrelenting respiratory distress, officially diagnosed last Friday as acute bronchitis.

▶ A new cocktail of medicines have been prescribed: 1) Ibratropium Bromide nasal spray; 2) Prednisone, a steroid; and 3) Benzonatate, a cough suppressant.  All of this followed my third IVIG in three months since September at City of Hope, as that last procedure generally lasts me for six months, but not at this time.  Immune system issues remain and underlying challenge in my ninth year post DX with mantle cell lymphoma and eight years post the allogeneic stem ce…