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#Grateful▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

TWITTER moments (like the one below) and social media content today archive the results of web search for the term #Grateful attitudes with story and social media links▶  Within these links and the #SocialCurrentSee on topic, we learn about the announcement of numerous large retailers to close their doors this #Thanksgiving Day▶ The movement to place family time ahead of corporate profits is somewhat surprising in this age of hyper marketing▶ Not sure if the trend will become universal, but any movement in this direction is a welcome change▶ So, look for the sign, "Sorry We're Closed" at many of your familiar stores this Thanksgiving and let them here your expressions of gratitude▶

Flip②▶ Find♥Worth®▶▶ ▶ #SocialCurrentSee® by #ALTACITIES®▶#Grateful