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SocialCurrentSee®▶ #Canswerist Search

#SocialCurrentSee® #ALTACITIES archive▶ #CANSWERIST clips ~ Twitter #5for5search — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 20, 2016CANSWER ♥ WORTH Flip②▶CANswerWorth ARCHIVE |

#CANSWERIST, as a hashtag in today's #SocialCurrentSee, has relevance not just to the baseball which is nearly at the mid-point of the Major League (MLB) season for 2016, but also to the many individuals and causes that step up and "go to bat," literally, for cancer research and care for millions who struggle with that disease.

As for the other lead stories of the day, we can note the following TRILOGY
Industry goes to bat for City of HopeHigh Response Rates Seen With Immunotherapy in Early Study of Hodgkin LymphomaAn effective treatment for a common cancer in the US may vanish from the market
While related in the concept of #CANSWERIST, the TRILOGY of stories compiled in this archive speak to matters of the research and treatment of cancer.  Having lived throug…