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SocialCurrentSee®▶ #CABreakthrough, an #ALTACITIES#Kindle read at the #AMAZONeXNG, #CANSWERIST via @flipboard — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 13, 2016
Caveat: The Twitter roll posted here is based on the hashtag #CANSWERIST, a term and social media moniker coined by #ALTACITIES to refer to cancer survivors and those caregivers who serve cancer survivors in every way.   #CANSWERISTisused in a variety of ways in the #SocialCurrentSee of social media, namely Twitter, of course, so we can't affirm that every tweet and comment is on purpose because some may have other applications for the term.

▶ As far as cancer breakthroughs are concerned, I am one of thousands (maybe millions?) of cancer survivors who successful…

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