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Flip②▶#SocialCurrentSee of a #CANSWERIST

Flip②▶#SocialCurrentSee of a #CANSWERIST on CANswer♥Worth via @flipboard — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) February 2, 2016

Since our initial MCL diagnosis in April 2006, followed by an allogeneic stem cell transplant from an unrelated German donor, we have been following and blogging about cancer survival. Some ask what is a #CANSWERIST? That term has been coined to refer to any cancer survivor or anyone who cares for a cancer patient or survivor.  Our #SocialCurrentSee locations contain clips, links, stories, comments and assorted other content on these subjects.


VIDEO SOURCE : Ongoing clinical research at MD Anderson is finding promising new therapies for a rare and aggressive type of lymphoma that becomes resistant to treatment. Although mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) currently has no cure, combinations of new targeted therapy drugs are dramatically improving survival and treatment response rates for MCL patients. MD Anderson …