'Canswerist' stories told in SCS*

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The 'social current see' *(SCS) of cancer survival, the accounts of the patients and the caregivers streams throughout the internet.  I should know because my story is there (rather here).

As one of this ever-growing number of survivors, my email inbox and my web browser bookmarks have links to a variety of these sites. One of these that shares compelling stories is: Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a private, for-profit operator of cancer treatment hospitals and outpatient clinics which provide both conventional and alternative cancer treatments.

CTCA visionary Richard J. Stephenson founded CTCA "following his mother’s death from bladder cancer, [and he] ... holds investments in a broad portfolio of other businesses, including finance and real estate companies", according to a late-2012 profile in the Washington Post. | BIO


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