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MCL survival + 10 years

#CANSWERIST finding: Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) survival rates now beaten by @ALTALOMAN — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) January 2, 2016 Rounding into my 10-year anniversary of the April 2006 DX* of the MCL experience, I decided to explore the web record (the 'social current see') for survival rates in the current status of this cancer.  The clip above brought some interesting news.  Obviously not factored into these stats is the influence of successful stem cell transplants.  Count me in the group of "miracle" cases for an SCT from an unrelated donor (August 2007). ~ CANSWERIST

At this stage post DX, I am thankful to report my care primarily includes semi-annual visits to City of Hope for routine testing and exams.  The most invasive procedure is regular infusions of Immunoglobulin.  That's all!  So far, I have even been spared the need for the maintenance drug Rituximab, aka Rituxan, as detailed in this LINK.