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They call it IVIG therapy for short

The outpatient infusion centers are scattered across the sprawling campus of City of Hope (COH) in Duarte, CA. As a nearly 9-year cancer survivor, I have visited virtually every one of them, including the pediatrics center when that was the only option awhile back because of the adult infusion locations were filled. Now that I am in remission and on maintenance therapy post-cancer, the outpatient clinics and infusion centers are a primary, if not frequent destination.


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Route 66 detour to 'gratitude' avenues

Route 66 is an iconic American highway. Needs little amplified or explained when we hear or read about the roadway. Dotted along that roadway as it wends through many of the Southern California communities in the San Gabriel Valley is one locality we have visited often due to our cancer DX, care, and follow-up treatment for mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) since 2006.

Exiting the 210 Freeway at the junction of the 605 Fwy, it takes a short trek on Route 66 (Huntington Drive) to reach the Highland Avenue intersection south to find the COH campus.  Wish we had a dime for every time we crossed those RR tracks that form the northern border of the COH campus, but we could probably traverse that location with blinders and not miss a turn.

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