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Dual #hashtag search, now Flip②▶ #cancer and #survivor

The 'social current see' of a cancer survivor like me is both simple and complicated.  Simple because a single #hashtag search can produce stories and links galore.  Complicated, too, because having time to read all of the stories is more than a single blogger can manage.  But if you care to read some of the following and make comments, your observations and contributions are welcome.

As an aside, the photo inset is from Dee Dee's MCL journey family scrapbook, a shot of me from April 17, 2006, just about the time that I was beginning my first round of chemo (you may not detect the full head of hair).  This shot and the surrounding chronicle of Dee Dee's scrapbook notes served to launch of what is now nearly a 9-year journey that we hope will have additional chapters to record.


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