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7-Point Gratitude Challenge (2015 Ed: Day 2 of 7)

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Once a month in 2015, my first New Year's resolution has to do with spreading the advocacy of gratitude, generosity, charity, philanthropy, and service to others.  What better way to accomplish this than to republish the following?  So once a month (starting with the first day of each month and then for a total of seven days, you can expect the following message throughout these ALTACITIES and my other 'social current see' (including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Flipboard.

Take my 7-point gratitude challenge.  Make a gift of of any amount (but please consider at least $7) to any of the following suggaested charities in tribute to my 7-year period of remission from cancer. Of course, these are only suggestions (you can make your gift to any cause of your choice).  I just ask that you come back here to make a comment about the experience, adding to the 'social current see' of the topic.  Comments can be added below or at any…

Scientists Create Artificial Sperm

The reality for those like me: certified CANSWERISTS (anyone who writes, blogs, journals about cancer survival) is the recognition that we are all the beneficiaries of medical and scientific research. News reports and commentary about topics like this hold a personal fascination, if not also serious concern.  Granted, I know that many are alarmed, even troubled by the medical ethics of this news and I, too, hold the same definite reservations.  Yet, the advance of knowledge and scientific research happens and who knows what will follow?

[View the story "Scientists Create Artificial Sperm" on Storify]

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