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We were there as COH hosts 38th BMT Reunion

Flip2▶CANswer♥WORTH▶Kayla Saikaly, 17, and Adi Versano, 27, met for the first time Friday at City of Hope (COH) hosp…
— Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) May 10, 2014
▶Dee Dee and I (photo inset above - click to enlarge image) have now been to three of these annual BMT reunions at City of Hope.  Of course, this was the place in Duarte, CA, where I received my own BMT (aka SCT or stem cell transplant) in August 2007 to effect a cure for mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) for which I was diagnosed in April 2006.  We were among a crowd of over 3000 visitors, including patients, family members, guests, and staff of City of Hope.