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Admiration for those who battle cancer with nerve, verve

Here's what Jolie didn't say about breast
— HuffPostBiz (@HuffPostBiz) May 18, 2013 Cancer survivors have a bond,  a friendship, a network like no other.  Regardless of rank in life, successful accomplishments, income level, status, prestige, cancer takes personal resolve to fight no matter your station.  }:{  ALTALOMAN
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Keeping score is fun with shots like this (golf)

One of my favorite retirement pursuits is playing golf at a neighborhood course about once a week. Coming back from the long-term chemotherapy of 2006-07 and then recovery from the 2007 stem cell transplant has been a challenge physically. I am constantly aware of the loss of muscle tone and strength.  Long drives are not part of my game, but I strive to hit them straight whenever I can and to stay out of the traps and other course obstacles, and that's not easy on a course like Glen Ivy.  Yet, some days are better than others.
As a high-handicap player, you can expect that I am most elated with an occasional par score in any round, so you can imagine my elation today when I actually scored a birdie (one under par) on hole #12 at Glen Ivy Golf Club in Corona.
My unexpected good fortune came on the 355 yard par 4 dogleg left hole that the course map guidebook admonishes players to "off the tee: avoid the bunkers on the left midway toward the green."

Rather than giving a…