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No two patients exactly alike caveat continually plays out in the real world

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One of the most memorable messages I received from my physicians before my 2007 stem cell transplant at City of Hope: "Every patient is unique and no two people have exactly the same result with the same type of treatment."  This caveat continually plays out in the real world.
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HIV returns in 2 with marrow transplantCNN  - 38 minutes 
HIV has returned in two patients who doctors hoped had been cured of the virus following bone marrow transplants, the Boston researcher who ...
HIV cure hopes dashed for two US cancer patientsAFP via Yahoo! News  - 23 hours 
Washington (AFP) - The latest hopes of curing AIDS were dashed Friday when US researchers said HIV returned in two men who briefly eradicated ...
ANN ARBOR: U-M defeats Ohio State with more blood, organ, bone marrow donationsAnn Arbor Journal  - 13 hours 
ANN ARBOR – The University of Michigan scored three wins over Ohio State this season by securing more life-saving donations during the annual ...
HIV 'Cure' Fails In First Two PatientsBusiness Insider  - 22 hours 
Sad news from the front of the fight against AIDS: Two HIV-positive people who underwent bone marrow transplants and were thought to be ...
HIV 'Cure' Fails In First 2 PatientsBusiness Insider via Yahoo! Finance  - 22 hours 
CDC/public domain Sad news from the front of the fight against AIDS: Two HIV-positive people who underwent bone marrow transplants and were ...


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