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Stem cell miracle revisited

Source: via Michael on Pinterest
THIS WEEK marks the sixth anniversary of a personal milestone.  It was the time in 2006 of my scheduled visit to a Glendora, CA, thoracic surgeon for a planned biopsy of one of the multiple tumors that had appeared a few weeks before, actually during the last week of March 2006.  As it turns out, the diagnosis was MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA, a "blastoid" or aggressive type.  That hospital outpatient visit was followed by many more in the succeeding months and years.  The entire episode is still being written, but the not-so-immediate outcome led to ten months of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant from an unrelated German donor.  ||  alt@story
Esta semana se cumple el sexto aniversario de un hito personal. Era la época en el año 2006 de mi visita programada a un cirujano Glendora, CA, torácicos para una planeada biopsia de uno de los múltiples tumores que habían aparecido unas semanas antes, de hecho durante la última semana de …