Father's Day Redux

From this alt@source, comes: "This Father's Day 2012 marks my 38th as a father and my sixth as a grandfather.  Not that either is a special record for anyone but me, I'm still counting and reflecting, and I pause to reminisce about notable (nothing trivial) events from the moments of Father's Days past."
}:{  June 1974  }:{
Working in Denver, Colorado, at a community hospital, I was into my second year on the organization's public relations staff as a communications specialist and staff journalist.  Our oldest daughter, Suzanne, had been born the prior November and our hospital had become the first community hospital in Colorado to successfully perform open heart surgery.  The press release that I sent to the Denver Post was published virtually word-for-word under the byline of a Post staff journalist.  }:{  alt@link   }:{

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}:{  June 1977  }:{

Daughter Number 2, Andrea, had been born the previous December at nearby Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Colorado, while Dee Dee and I were preparing to purchase our first home in Denver.   
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}:{  June 2006  }:{
Grandson John Michael Collier had been born at St. Jude Medical Center, Fullerton, California, while I was in the early phase of my cancer treatment with mantle cell lymphoma that first appeared in March of that year.  Later, I would have a stem cell transplant in August 2007, a relapse and recurrence of the cancer in 2009 that required Tomotherapy (radiation).  That episode soon led to my 2010 retirement and two-year remission of the cancer since that time.
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