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Showing posts from July 25, 2010

Approaching a third anniversary

The last week of July 2010 means that Dee Dee and I are only a month away from the date (Aug. 23) of our third anniversary of the stem cell transplant for the mantle cell lymphoma that occurred in March 2006.  Thanks to the life-saving procedure and the grace of my donor, Torben Schmidt of Germany, I am able to continue this journal and my other blogging while I remain cancer free with confirmed remission, not once, but twice from the disease.  See the photo (attached) of Torben, Birte and Linus, the son that was born to the Schmidts last year.

The Schmidts live in Göttingen (map), which is a university town of about 150,000 in Lower Saxony (north central Germany).  The location is about 260km (161mi) northeast of Darmstadt where I resided from 1960-62 when my father was stationed there with the U.S. Third Army.

Whileour full recovery remains a work in progress since I am still due to receive the childhood immunizations that should start soon, my health status is the best since the ons…