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Tracking the cancer information sources that best amplify survival and hope offers the best in living and treatment blogs for survivors, families

Cancer: Not the company you choose to keep, especially for teens

The efforts of Melissa’s Living Legacy Foundation are dedicated to the approximately 15,000 teens undergoing treatment in the United States for cancer each year. Wanting only to be “normal” teens, to spread their wings and fly, they are compelled to follow other paths, other roads less traveled. They do so with courage, with quiet beauty and grace unique to each of them. They deserve the best we can give. clipped from
Patients- Against-Lymphoma
A wonderful online resource and community for tweens and teens with cancer. Teens Living with Cancer Having cancer is an emotional roller coaster. There's the initial shock, then the ongoing difficulties and maybe surprising moments of humor. Some emotional swings even come from the drugs you have to take. Just remember, it's all normal. You can deal with the painful stuff - help is just a hug, a m...

Five cancer survivors share their inspiring stories of triumph over the disease

Cancer survival stories are plentiful in these times and this week's Parade Magazine provided several accounts, all of which are moving stories of faith, hope, courage, and survival. clipped from I don't know if you caught this item in last Sunday's Parade Magazine, but if you are a cancer survivor or know someone who is then this clip is worth saving or forwarding to a loved one. Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories | Five cancer survivors share their inspiring stories of triumph over the disease

6 Ways You Can Help Someone Who Has Cancer

What do you remember about your father on this day?

Many today will have the privilege of a gathering with their fathers. Others will have reason to pause to remember a time when they could. The commemoration marks its 100th anniversary today. clipped from CBSNewsOnline

June 18, 2010

In 1909, Sonora Dodd campaigned for a national holiday celebrating fathers. As a result, we celebrate Father's Day every year. Katie Couric reports.