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Best of ASCO Features Three Studies Led by US Oncology Affiliated Physicians

Best of ASCO Features Three Studies Led by US Oncology Affiliated Physicians: At US Oncology, we believe every patient should have access to high quality, advanced cancer care, close to home. Through more than 500 affiliated sites of care, including 100 radiation facilities, and the more than 1,300 physicians we unite into the nation’s largest network of community oncologists and cancer researchers, we deploy innovative technology and foster collaboration to advance cancer care in America. Physicians affiliated with US Oncology care for more than 850,000 patients in communities throughout the nation.
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Promising steps in the war on cancer reported

Bristol Myers's drug Ipilimumab, the first treatment to extend the lives of patients with advanced melanoma skin cancer, is based on science that is 30 years in the making. Pfizer's drug Crizotinib, which shrank some of the most resistant and fatal forms of lung cancer, was developed as a result of science done over the last decade.  || ||

Promising signs for breakthrough treatments of prostate cancer

According to this source: A new study assigned 1,200 men to get hormones plus radiation or hormones alone. After seven years, 74 percent of men receiving both treatments were alive versus 66 percent of the others. Those on both treatments lived an average of six months longer than those given just hormones.
clipped from This prostate study has the potential to change care right away. About 20 percent of the nearly 200,000 men diagnosed with the disease each year in the United States are like those in the study — with cancer that has spread to the area around the prostate. "It is this group of patients in whom many of the deaths from p...rostate cancer occur," because the condition is usually incurable, said study leader Dr. Padraig Warde, a radiation expert from the University of Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital. The Associated Press: Study: Radiation boosts prostate cancer survival CHICAGO — Doctors are reporting a key advance in treating…