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Immune system factor is key to future cancer cures

Thought:  A first-of-a-kind prostate cancer treatment that uses the body's immune system to fight the disease received federal approval Thursday, offering an important alternative to more taxing treatments like chemotherapy. |

5-minute colon cancer test could save thousands

Thought:  According to a study to be published Wednesday, a 5-minute colon cancer test could reduce the number of deaths from the disease by about 40%. The study was published in the medical journal Lancet and followed more than 170,000 people for about 11 years. More info here:

Vaccine to Prevent Cancer?

UPMC researcher Olivera Finn is developing a vaccine to treat patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. While it's shown some success, Finn believes the treatment will work best in those who haven't yet developed the illness. So she's testing it on subjects who have precancerous polyps, hoping that by administering the treatment early, disease progression can be halted. The idea is to make the body allergic to antigents, markers found on the surface of cancer cells. "If we immunize early on, the cells that become abnormal might actually be eliminated by a strong immune response," says Finn. That immune response is most likely to work early in a disease, when the body's immune system is still strong. Finn is several years away from reporting results. | clipped from MidNightRider2001

April 08, 2010

Researchers see cancer vaccine revolution on the horizon
There are already several cancer vaccine drugs nearing FDA approval. De…

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