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New Agent Chokes Off Energy Supply, Kills Cancer Cells

Cancer survivors, including me, generally are news hounds for stories like this that describe leading-edge research for new modalities that hold great promise to conquer the disease. The world will be a much better place when science can finally announce a cure for all forms of cancer and this story would indicate that the day is not too far distant. clipped from @ltaCITIES proudly presents our ‘Laudville’ Award to: COLUMBUS, Ohio | 5-9-10 |   New Agent Chokes Off Energy Supply, Kills Cancer Cells ~ Cancer cells grow so fast that they can outstrip their blood supply, leaving them short of oxygen. The cells then produce energy in a way that needs less oxygen but more sugar. “Energy restriction may offer a powerful new strategy for treating cancer because it targets a survival mechanism used by many types of cancer,” says principal investigator Ching-Shih Chen, professor of medicinal chemistry, of internal medicine and of urology. || via New Agent Chokes Off En…

Using personalized vaccines, researchers enlist the immune system to oust tumors | Through its unique and award-winning products, CURE Media Group has become the source of information and inspiration for those on the cancer journey. CURE Media Group's flagship product, CURE magazine, is the indispensable guide for every stage of the cancer experience. Through the magazine, educational forums, a resource guide for the newly diagnosed, a national nursing award, books, and a variety of online tools, CURE Media Group combines science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
clipped from In 2003, Stephen Creel, a manager at a software company in Austin, Texas, suddenly started passing blood in his urine. He had just celebrated his 40th birthday with friends and his wife, who was pregnant with their daughter, and he was as fit as he’d been in years. | The diagnosis of kidney cancer—renal cell carcinoma—was “shocking,” Creel says. | His father-in-law, a cancer researcher, directed Creel to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Ho…