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MYJ | Checking in with a fellow MCL survivor

“Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end–no apologies, no regrets.” - Henry Kissinger
If you travel the world of blogs that are authored by those who are really composing personal journals you are likely to find some remorse and melancholy from time to time. My blogger friend Marc Kashinsky doesn’t normally write in such a tone, but his recent posting brought me to consider the topic on his mind.

Regrets | Living with MCL.

This link transports to a favorite blog written by a fellow MCL survivor, although Marc was diagnosed with a different (indolent) form of the disease. Yet, this blogging thing keeps us connected about each other's progress.

His comments about regretting to miss his 40th high school reunion four years ago is something I understand, even though I made my 40th, but am not likely to make my 40th college reunion this year because of travel limitations caused by a quirky immune system. Age 62 should no…

MYJ | Stem cells offer miracle cures for more than cancer

The subject of this report, Russel Turnbull, has had his sight almost completely restored, thanks to a pioneering procedure using stem cells. Adult stem cells.

Dr. Francisco Figueiredo, an eye surgeon at the North East England Stem Cell Institute, performed an operation that involved cutting away a tiny portion of Turnbull’s undamaged eye—complete with stem cells. He then grew the section of the eye to 400 times its size, and stitched it “onto the badly-damaged cornea in place of the damaged membrane,” the Telegraph reported.

Turnbull is thrilled with the results. “The operation was a complete success, and I now have my sight back,” he said. “This really has given me my life back.”
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