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MYJ | When a donor match can't be found

My stem-cell transplant to fight mantle cell lymphoma was possible because the donor search was successful. We found an unrelated donor in Germany and we were given those cells on August 22, 2007. That life-saving procedure sustained remission for another two years when the cancer recurred and was treated with radiation successfully last September.

But what happens when a donor match is not found? The following story explains new hope for those patients. Read on ...
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224 | A2G | Today, Tomorrow, Forever | According to Google

SOURCE | clipped from ExCell Information for Patients What is the ExCell study? ExCell is a clinical trial studying StemEx® a…

Soft drinks linked to cancer

RETWEET  from my Facebook Page Patients- Against-Lymphoma NB: 'soft drinks' in the study included fruit juice and any non-alcoholic beverage that contained sweetening (diet soda wouldn't count, but iced tea would).SEARCH |