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SET | Pass the water, please

My impaired immune system has drastically curtailed our desire and our need to eat out. But if we and when we are in that situation, you can bet we will think twice about ordering a soda rather than water. Guess that this is another excuse to order wine or beer. Teetotalers beware!
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MYJ | Another dose of Rituxan, aka Rituximab

We are back to COH today and for the second time this week for infusion therapy. This time it is with a substance called Rituximab (Rituxan) and the clinical explanation is provided with these links to my previous blog posts on the subject, as well as A GOOGLE on the topic. Our visit to the infusion center Wednesday for IVIG went well and today's blood tests and visit with Dr. Nakamura will give us clues as to the efficacy of these immune-system-restoration efforts. Overall, I feel good and expect the results to be positive.
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MCL | Back Jan 8 for Rituxan Therapy
Rituximab From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rituximab, sold under the trade names Rituxan and MabThera, is a chimericmonoclonal antibody against the protein CD20, which is primarily found on the surfac…

MYJ | Cancer Survivor | Terry Healey

Thanks to the arrival today of my copy of the magazine CURE, I discovered this incredible survival story that I wish to amplify and share with my subscribers and friends. Check out the stories and links below.
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___ clipped from Terry Healey - Inspirational Speaker and Author Terry Healey is a motivational speaker and author who shares his personal triumph over a disfiguring cancer, and helps others to learn how to take control of their lives, face their challenges, learn to take risks, overcome adversity, learn to trust, and strive to be more tolerant.
He is the author of "At Face Value: My Triumph Over A Disfiguring Cancer".
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SET | Health care reform: Who wins?

The proposed formula for parceling out the public dollars for Medicare payments, which can account for as much as half of a hospital's budget, could prove to be a windfall for some hospitals but a significant loss of funding for others, mostly those in big cities and the South.
___ | clipped from Health bills would shift Medicare money to Mayo and other 'high-value' hospitals Washington Post - Alec MacGillis - ‎11 hours ago‎ Language in both the House and Senate bills would reward hospitals for efficiency in their Medicare spending, a dramatic change in the ... Medicare and the Mayo ClinicBoston Globe Mayo in full damage control mode over Medicare decisionMedCity News ARCHIVED by @ltaCITIES | 224 | A2G | Today, Tomorrow, Forever | According to Google | | amplified by ALTALOMAN

MYJ | Back to COH tomorrow for IVIG

What is IVIG? My COH physicians have determined that I need a booster dose of immunoglobulins (aka IVIG), so that infusion is scheduled for about 5-6 hours tomorrow. Here is some background on the procedure to be followed on Friday by a separate (similar duration) infusion of the miracle substance called Rituxan that is also an immune system enhancer.

Even though we are still in remission officially from the lymphoma following the radiation (TomoTherapy) treatment in September, these infusions are designed to help my immune system prevent any return of the disease and to aid in other preventions of sickness. All things considered, I have been significantly well since the start of my medical leave at the end of August, or at least since the completion of the radiation treatment. Just being cancer free is a big part of that positive status report.
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Cellular Origins Of Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease Pinpointed

An international team of scientists has found that cells that protect nerves are likely to be the origins of a fatal cancer known as Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) that is spreading rapidly through populations of Tasmanian devils in Australia: if unchecked, scientists estimate the cancer, which is spread through biting, could wipe out the wild devil population wit...

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TQ | What do you think about the IRS as health insurance police?

The proposed health care reform legislation would require most Americans to have health insurance and to prove it on their federal tax returns. Those who don't would pay a penalty to the IRS.
clipped from Health bills could expand IRS role USA Today - Phil Galewitz, Christopher Weaver - ‎12 hours ago‎ Internal Revenue Service agents already try to catch tax cheats and moonshiners. Under the proposed health care legislation, they would get another assignment: checking to see whether ... In Health Bill for Everyone, Provisions for a FewNew York Times Senate Has Edge in Final Health-Care BillBusinessWeek California Healthline - Los Angeles Times - - Holmes County Times Advertiser
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SET | Large MD group opts out of Medicare

This may be the downside (a serious one) of all attempts to bring about health care reform because of the government's insistence on cutting future costs largely on the backs of providers. All of the talk about savings has to do with the government find a way to pay less for more care and it is not surprising that doctors and hospitals will begin to push back. What is your medical group or hospital planning to do?
___ clipped from Medicare Patients No Longer Accepted At Mayo Clinic In Arizona SmartAboutHealth - ‎4 hours ago‎ Phoenix (SmartAboutHealth) - The Mayo Clinic in Arizona, as of tomorrow, will no longer accept patients who are on Medicare. Medicare patients are no longer ... Mayo Clinic Arizona Looking to Cease Treatment of Few Medicare PatientsTopNews United States Arizona's Mayo Clinic to Stop Treating Medicare PatientsVisit Bulgaria Mayo To No Longer Accept Medicare At AZ ClinicOzarks First

NPO | Who says pastors are not fund-raisers?

Southern California is abuzz with this report of the hugely generous response of the Saddleback Church to a disparate year-end appeal for money from Pastor Rick Warren. There is an old adage about fund-raising: Two principles apply for fund-raising success and these are 1) You must have the correct TIMING and 2) You must have PRESENCE. If you have the latter, then you know the timing. Congratulations to the Saddleback congregation for their great success!
“I wasn’t surprised by this offering, as Saddleback is famous for radical generosity,” Warren said during (2 Jan 2010) service. " Warren represented the total with a display that included 24 parishioners rising to represent $100,000 each, said spokeswoman Kristin Cole. Virtually all of the individual donations were for less than $1,000, according to the church, she added. More donations remain to be counted.
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