Ozzy Osbourne Screams for a Cancer Cure

VANDERKOK June 11, 2010 — for the longest scream. Guinness reps are present to certify it as a new world record with proceeds to help cure cancer and research and treatment programs at City of Hope. I thought they said or insinuated that Ozzy Osbourne, alone, was going to attempt to break a world record for the longest scream, but apparently it is the fans who are supposed to be screaming with Ozzy leading the scream for 2 minutes which doesn't seem that long.

The Grammy-winning rocker headed to Dodger Stadium Friday to set the Guiness World Record for the loudest and longest scream with thousands of Dodger fans…but it wasn't just to promote his upcoming album, aptly titled Scream.

The ear-piercing "Scream for a Cure" stint was actually part of the third annual ThinkCure! Weekend at Dodger Stadium, which raises money for cancer research. Last year, the event raised more than $50,000.


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