If you're going to eat this way, at least choose 'fresh'

Nutrition studies abound and the average person may just choose to quit reading the pros and cons of of the "right and wrong" nutrition, unless they want to live a more healthy life. But then you read about those who consume whatever they like and they manage to live to 100. Truth is: all of these guidelines are just that and the evidence is based upon "controlled conditions" for nutritional science. Seems that the old adage, "moderation in all things" certainly applies.
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Bacon, Hot Dogs And Sausage Look Worse For Heart Than
Unprocessed Red Meat : NPR

by Deborah Franklin

Do you want bacon with your sausage? Maybe not.

Bacon sausage

Do you want bacon with your sausage? Maybe

The link between heart disease or diabetes and a diet
rich in red meat
has always been a little fuzzy. Some studies
show a strong connection; others not so much.

Now Harvard researchers think they may have turned up a reason
for the discrepancy: Most studies don’t distinguish between
processed meat and fresh.

When nutrition epidemiologist Renata
and her colleagues pooled and analyzed the data from 20
previous studies in a new way, they spotted the trend. Healthy
people who tended to eat a lot of preserved meats like bacon,
sausage, hot dogs and cold cuts were much more likely than those
who rarely touch the stuff to go on to develop heart disease or
Type 2 diabetes.

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