Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here are some ways you can use age to your advantage

From an unexpected source, a blog that promotes radiation therapy careers, comes this wisdom:

There are many exciting careers in the growing medical field. One of these is the field of radiation therapy. Individuals who enjoy helping patients, working with technology, and working on the front lines of the medical battlefield to eradicate cancer should consider entering a career in radiation therapy.

What is Radiation Therapy?
Radiation therapy is primarily used in treatment plans for cancer patients. Radiation therapists operate machines known as linear accelerators to target cancerous cells and shrink or eliminate them. Linear accelerators use high energy x-rays to kill off the cancerous cells.

25 Ways to use Aging to your Advantage

Don’t let anyone fool you – aging is an inevitable part of life. Botox couldn’t save the trickling Colorado River from becoming the Grand Canyon. The best Beverly Hills boob surgeon couldn’t keep Yosemite National Park from forging its magnificent crevices and cliffs.

Why then, are we humans so dead set against the natural process of aging? The human body, mind and soul undergo a fascinating and complex set of changes as they all grow older together. Rather than being salmon, swimming upstream, here are 25 ways to use some of those changes to your advantage and most importantly to enjoy the process.

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