Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Survivor story: Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez was born in 1928 in the small town of Aracataca, situated in a tropical region of northern Colombia, between the mountains and the Caribbean Sea. He grew up with his maternal grandparent - his grandfather was a pensioned colonel from the civil war at the beginning of the century. He went to a Jesuit college and began to read law, but his studies were soon broken off for his work as a journalist. In 1954 he was sent to Rome* on an assignment for his newspaper, and since then he has mostly lived abroad - in Paris, New York, Barcelona and Mexico - in a more or less compulsory exile. Besides his large output of fiction he has written screenplays and has continued to work as a journalist. | @LINK |

This video clip and the link to this PowerPoint slide show have probably gone viral on the web because today it was sent to my by a special friend. The author, nobel prize poet Gabriel Garcia Marquez, has broadcast this as a type of farewell message as he goes into seclusion for treatment of lymphatic cancer (lymphoma). Although I share the diagnosis with successful treatment twice for the disease, the need for periodic total public isolation and, at other times, partial seclusion while dealing with immune system recovery is a reality to which I relate so well. However, what I haven’t done as well as the genius Gabriel is construct such a telling and compelling message to convey the sentiments of my heart.

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