Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MYJ | This gadget would be helpful for patients in my position

Yesterday, I received another IVIG, immunoglobulin infusion, at City of Hope (COH). This has become a monthly routine that may continue indefinitely as doctors try to rebuild my immune system. Periodically (about every 90 days), I also receive infusions of the miracle drug Rituxan.

Since I haven't had an infusion catheter (known as a Pic line or Hickman) for more than a year and a half now, the nurses and techs at COH must run a new line each time I have these procedures. They are really experienced and good at this, but because of my initial 16 months of chemotherapy, these veins tend to be hard to find which often requires multiple sticks. On one occasion in radiology prior to a CT scan, running a successful IV proved impossible so after six attempts, so the radiologist asked the nurse to do the procedure without the IV. Ouch!

After yesterday's procedure, even though two "sticks" is tolerable, I wondered if there was a device to help make this process easier. Sure eno

Handheld “Vein Finder” for Faster, More Accurate IVs

A team of Georgia Tech engineers has developed a novel ultraportable system to identify veins for easier IV placement. The system is a miniaturized Doppler ultrasound:
The patent-pending vein finder is composed of two parts: A reusable unit houses the electronics and signal processing components, while a disposable coupler box holds a reflector and needle guide. The needle guide is positioned parallel to the sound beam being transmitted by a transducer in the device’s reusable section.
Vein Finder
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