1,515 subscribers and friends now connected to my social networking sites

No doubt, my followers on AMPLIFY have noticed my unabashed appeal for subscribers through the promotion (links below) 12345678910. This moniker has stood for the goal of reaching 1,234 total subscribers and friends to the various sites and blog creations linked to http://altacities.com by 5:06 pm and 7 seconds on or before August 9, 2010. Hence, the numerical sequence, 12345678910.

GOOD NEWS! We have exceed the goal before the deadline date and now stand at 1,515 total friends, subscribers and followers. Are we planning to stop the process? No. But I will now only attempt to give periodic updates on subscriber status. Thank you for observing and joining in a little networking fun.

By the time you read this update, I am pleased to report that My@ltaCITIES family of blogs and related SN sites now have over 1,515 subscribers and friends, including the 173 today who are connected on my network through Facebook. By the way, I don’t understand why the spell check in FB is not able to ignore flagging its own name every time I input that name into a message. The same issue happens with that entry in other web-based networking sites. Do you know?

via Facebook | Michael Foxworth.



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