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Friday, February 26, 2010

MYJ | Counting what's positive about cancer survival

Just a couple of weeks away from the fourth anniversary of the discovery of my cancer (mantle cell lymphoma), my thoughts, by choice, turn to the positive aspects of survival which, of course, is always goal #1.

This article gives an overview of the typical cancer survivor and much that is stated here is reflected in my life. Most notably: dramatic life changes.

Chief among the changes has been my early retirement which officially begins on March 1, although I am still officially on medical leave while some administrative matters are handled. Turning 62 in June of this year, I had always believed that I would probably stay the course of my profession (fund development for nonprofit hospitals) until some unknown years beyond 65. Cancer changed the timetable for sure.
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Cancer's Silver Lining

Researchers call the positives of cancer post-traumatic growth, but survivors call them cancer’s gifts. 

Surviving cancer is seldom easy. Treatment can be painful, debilitating, emotionally draining, and financially taxing. And yet, despite it all, a surprising number of cancer survivors report finding a “silver lining” in their cancer experience.

This positive perspective, what researchers call “post-traumatic growth,” affects survivors in a variety of ways. From experiencing a spiritual awakening to becoming aware of inner strength, the silver lining often leads to dramatic life changes.

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