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Again, through my FACEBOOK connection (actually my acquaintance with Roslyn started with my introduction to her journey to acquire cancer survival stories) I received this recent FB message which I have chose to share on MyJournal, a type of RB - "ReBook" I guess.
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Roslyn Franken

Roslyn Franken
As a child of holocaust survivors I have learned valuable lessons about surviving and thriving beyond adversity. I was inspired to Blog about it today after interviewing my dad for my radio show. Check it out at Please know that I have recently started a Facebook Fan Page as well and ...welcome you to join me at Roslyn Franken Fan Page for more information, insight and inspiration on living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.
Today I had the honour of interviewing John Franken, an 87-year old Atomic Bomb Survivor and ex-Japanese Prisoner of War, for my radio show How to Thrive after 35 Talk Radio airing January 6, 2010. Notice he has the same last name as me? That’s because he is my dad. ...
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