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BLOGGERS GOOGLED | Stands to reason the one of the best places to find what bloggers are saying about Haiti and the search and recovery efforts going on there is GOOGLE. Here is latest 224 | A2G report on this subject.
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Updates From NPR Photographers In Haiti

NPR (blog) - Heather Murphy - ‎18 hours ago‎
Amid the the horribly difficult scenes of destruction and loss, NPR photographer David Gilkey sent us a few encouraging images today. ...

Relief Still Spotty, But US Military Is Ramping Up Distribution

NPR (blog) - Mark Memmott - ‎22 hours ago‎
"Helicopters are becoming a more common site over Port-au-Prince," NPR's Tom Bullock reports from Haiti's devastated capital. ...

Food, Water, Other Aid Start Getting To People; Need Far Exceeds Reach So Far

NPR (blog) - Mark Memmott - ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
It's been nearly five days since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. Here are some of the latest reports and headlines: -- "Chaos, ...
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