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What Health Care Reform Means to Me

If the polls are right, Americans are evenly divided on the issue of health care reform. What we know about the contentious issue, like any major social change, is the debate is not likely to be resolved to the agreement of every citizen.  When all the debate settles down and a final law is passed, the end result will be evaluated not on the basis of public opinion but how well the new law works.

And how this legislative plan works is to be determined by individual experience and life stories like yours and mine.

For me, no consideration of this political hot potato can be given without accounting for my nearly-four-year saga with a life-threatening illness.  That account you have followed on MyJournal.

In March 2006, I contracted one of the most aggressive forms of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). We never obtained lasting remission from some 16 different chemo treatments while waiting for a unrelated donor stem cell transplant (MUD SCT), the only medical procedure that offers hope of a …