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Getting a Tiger Out of The Woods

"I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves," ... "I am not without faults, and I am far short of perfect" - T. Woods (

Update (8 Dec 09) |


Generally, my journal is reserved for topics of cancer and survival.  But this posting is more about the latter topic than the former. 

Golfers and non-golfers alike are well accustomed to seeing headlines about Tiger Woods, but no one has seen the press about Tiger that flooded the world this past week thanks to his reported spousal spat and early-morning pratfall. 

While some looked to rationalize his transgressions, many others chose to condemn and ridicule a fallen human being.  While no mortal is perfect and beyond making mistakes, the high and mighty sports personalities of our age are particularly susceptible to terrible falls and misbehavior. The extreme adulation that comes to these over-achievers contributes mightily to over-developed public ex…

TomoTherapy Works to Restore Remission!

Back from City of Hope today with a great report! The TomoTherapy (radiation) that ended about a month ago is now confirmed as of Monday's PET-CT scan to have obliterated the tumor in my abdomen. Officially once again, we are back into remission and both Dee Dee and I are thankful for that reality. Beginning in January, Dr. Nakamura recommends a single dose of Rituxan that will be repeated every 5-6 months throughout remission for as long as that status is sustained. But for now, no additional therapy or tests are underway and our calendar is free of doctor appointments until Jan. 8.
A Key Question for Survivors: What Follows Transplantation?

The Waiting GameMonitoring and managing long-term and late effects of transplantation.
As stem cell transplantation (SCT) becomes more common, it has also become safer. This is great news for the more than 40,000 people who receive a SCT worldwide each year. People receiving SCT are living longer after transplantation, often…

13 New Stem Cell Lines Open to Research

The National Institutes of Health said Wednesday that it had approved 13 new human embryonicstem cell lines for use by federally financed ... | 224 | A2G |

13 New Stem Cell Lines Open to Research
New York Times - ‎2 Dec 2009
The National Institutes of Health said Wednesday that it had approved 13 new human embryonic stem cell lines for use by federally financed ...
13 New Stem Cell Lines Released for Research ABC News
NIH Approves 13 Embryonic Stem Cell Lines for Harvesting FOXNews
First stem cell lines approved under Obama USA Today
The Associated Press - Washington Post
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5 Ways to Boost Your Own Immune System

By Roslyn Franken

With clouds of the H1N1 flu hovering over our heads this season, now is the time more than ever to start paying special attention to building your immune system. By minding your immune system as best you can, you will increase your chances of staying clear of not just the H1N1, but any other nasty flu bugs or colds that may otherwise grab hold of you.

As a cancer survivor myself, my immune system is what I consider to be
my personal gold. I cherish it carefully and maintain
it as best I can to keep ugly winter flu bugs and colds
far away. Here are my 5 top healthy eating and lifestyle
tips for keeping my immune system strong. I encourage
you to follow these as best you can so you too can
enjoy your holiday season to the fullest.

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On The Net for Cancer Clues

Here is a source ( that I have referenced before so you won't be surprised that this site remains on my reading and subscription list.  Here, I am sharing a topic about the origins of cancer with the caveat that no one has determined that a single source of cancer is possible.  Indeed, every reputable researcher would conclude that the origins of this disease remain a mystery, while the treatments are now almost limitless.

Still, continuously since my first diagnosis with mantle cell lymphoma in March 2006, I have searched every available source for leads about the origins of cancer and now I have found a web site and a journal that gives some of the most reliable information that can be found.

The Internal Flame
By Karen Patterson

Chronic inflammation causes cancer.
Find out how and what's being done about it.

While cancer is often characterized as invasive, many tumors get their start with the help of a different kind of biological invader, one that slipped qu…