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Showing posts from October 25, 2009

@ltaTUDE: Finding Perfection in the Unexpected

Finding "perfection in the unexpected?" One of my favorite e-mail subscriptions for daily inspirations comes from this SOURCE. Those who follow my blogs, know that this is the week we successfully concluded 20 TomoTherapy (radiation) treatments at City of Hope for recurrence of mantle cell lymphoma(MCL). The goal was to obliterate a single small tumor in my middle abdomen and according to the last scan taken, that goal was reached!

Here, of course, for me was the "perfect" confluence of technology, medical science and engineering, and compassionate care at a world-class medical center, not to mention the net effect of faith, hope, and the blessings of a spiritual SOURCE that has attended our 31-month journey in this realm of survival from a potentially fatal disease first discovered in March 2006. "Perfection from the unexpected" might be one way to explain my great fortune at this time in what is now our second experience with cancer remission. See