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Showing posts from September 20, 2009

Tomography: 1 of 20 Underway

The first of 20 tomography treatments was completed yesterday. Amazingly, I only had a little mild nausea last evening, but a prescription to mitigate the symptoms. Of course, with only one treatment literally under my belt, who knows what degree the side-effects will reach, but they say that these will not be as severe as chemotherapy and mild nausea is the only thing expected? This technology is amazing, for sure. I am placed on a moveable gurney, as in the typical CT scanner, and moved under a huge cylinder, but other than the noise of the machine, I couldn't detect that anything was happening. There is no light or heat emitted during the whole process, hence there is no physical awareness that radiation is entering the body for the 5-minutes that they say the exposure is happening. I really had a surreal feeling that I was being treated by a robotic machine, even though I knew the technicians were in the adjacent room pushing buttons. Next up: We are back to COH today at…