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A new lymphoma of a different kind

As an MCL survivor who had an unrelated (allogeneic) donor transplant two years ago and have remained in complete remission until now, I have known all along that there was always a possibility that the lymphoma my return.

Now, postive CT-PET scans in the last month and a biopsy last week have confirmed that the lymphoma has returned, but this time as a different type and one with which most are familiar: INDOLENT.

Indolent lymphoma is marked by a very slow growth cycle and it is not an immediate threat to life. Because this is a single location (in the left side of my gut) we are due for a consult about radiation tomography to shrink or obliterate the tumor. This development along with persistent bouts this last year with bronchitis and other respiratory distress have brought me again to a decision to take a 6-month medical leave from work, a probable precursor to early retirement about the time or a little before my 62nd birthday next June.

The odd thing about this is that when I am…