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Introducing Torben Schmidt

Ich werde erfreut zu berichten, dass mein SCT Spender deutsch ist.
From my just-revealed and now connected stem-cell donor, Torben Schmidt, comes this message:

"At the moment I live together with my girlfriend Birte. But in October there will be one more in our flat because were having a baby. It will be our first child. So we are very excited.

"As you have just read a lot of important things will change in my life very soon. When everything has settled down a bit we would love to meet you, Dee Dee and the rest of your family." You can find Torben and Birte's photo at my FACEBOOK page.

Torben resides in Goettingen, a city 100 kilometers south of Hannover in the middle of Germany, and this location is about 260km (160mi) from Darmstadt where I lived in 1959-60 when my father was stationed there with the U.S. Army.