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Beads tell a tale of courage and hope

A rainbow’s myriad colors often reflect past storms, but they also represent hope and new beginnings. With the Beads of Courage program, these same simple and vibrant colors take on a deeper meaning for children suffering from cancer. Through Beads of Courage, City of Hope pediatric patients showcase their stories using colorful beads to commemorate personal milestones as they travel their treatment paths.

“The Beads of Courage program provides a positive coping strategy and gives our pediatric patients a tangible symbol, like small badges of honor,” which they can use to help others understand their experience, said Ashley Lapointe, R.N., a pediatric cancer nurse who coordinated the program at City of Hope. “The program helps patients and their families have some fun during what is often a very challenging time,” she added. | @ltaLINK | @ltaSEARCH