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My late husband, Ted Kennedy, was passionate about health-care reform. It was the cause of his life. He believed that health care for all our citizens was a fundamental right, not a privilege, and that this year the stars -- and competing interests -- were finally aligned to allow our nation to move forward with fundamental reform. He believed that health-care reform was essential to the financial stability of our nation's working families and of our economy as a whole.

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Victoria Kennedy on ‘Teddy’

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This interview and report by NPR with Victoria Kennedy gives a special insight into her life with Ted Kennedy and his life as a public champion.

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Victoria Kennedy Shares ‘A Little Secret’ About The ‘Disciplined’ Teddy

By Mark Memmott

“Teddy set out his clothes every night the night before he went to work,” Victoria Kennedy told NPR’s Scott Simon during a conversation that will air Saturday on Weekend Edition:

That’s one example, she says, of how disciplined some aspects of her husband’s life were. She marvels at how much he fit into a 24-hour-day.

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