TomoTherapy Works to Restore Remission!

Back from City of Hope today with a great report! The TomoTherapy (radiation) that ended about a month ago is now confirmed as of Monday's PET-CT scan to have obliterated the tumor in my abdomen. Officially once again, we are back into remission and both Dee Dee and I are thankful for that reality. Beginning in January, Dr. Nakamura recommends a single dose of Rituxan that will be repeated every 5-6 months throughout remission for as long as that status is sustained. But for now, no additional therapy or tests are underway and our calendar is free of doctor appointments until Jan. 8.
A Key Question for Survivors: What Follows Transplantation?

The Waiting Game

Monitoring and managing long-term and late effects of transplantation.
As stem cell transplantation (SCT) becomes more common, it has also become safer. This is great news for the more than 40,000 people who receive a SCT worldwide each year. People receiving SCT are living longer after transplantation, often with improved quality of life immediately after treatment. But as the numbers of people surviving SCT increase, long-term and late effects may also become more common. [MORE]


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