On The Net for Cancer Clues

Here is a source (www.curetoday.com) that I have referenced before so you won't be surprised that this site remains on my reading and subscription list.  Here, I am sharing a topic about the origins of cancer with the caveat that no one has determined that a single source of cancer is possible.  Indeed, every reputable researcher would conclude that the origins of this disease remain a mystery, while the treatments are now almost limitless.

Still, continuously since my first diagnosis with mantle cell lymphoma in March 2006, I have searched every available source for leads about the origins of cancer and now I have found a web site and a journal that gives some of the most reliable information that can be found.

The Internal Flame 
By Karen Patterson

Chronic inflammation causes cancer.
Find out how and what's being done about it.

While cancer is often characterized as invasive, many tumors get their start with the help of a different kind of biological invader, one that slipped quietly into the body years earlier.

Like a clever saboteur, that early interloper—a bacterium such as Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, a virus like hepatitis B or C in the liver, or even a parasite in the bile duct—can keep the body’s own defenses off balance, aiding and abetting the tumor yet to come.
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